Thursday, June 25, 2009

A note from Juneau

Juneau is beautiful! I really love it here, even with the rain (which at least for now isn't bad at all) it's absolutely fabulous. I am learning a lot of good stuff about being a leader, doing research (like all good masters students), studying theory, looking at case law and reading my ass off. I miss my girls sooo much though and can't wait to be finished so I can go home and relax before school starts up again. Here are some pics for you to enjoy.

Student housing, yippee!

This is what I get to see when I look out the window of my classroom everyday. Oh, too bad, huh.

There are some native guys commissioned to build a totem for the university, it's so cool to see this big log turn into a piece of art.

Here I am in Fritz Cove getting my fish on. No silvers or kings this time, but we caught lots of other stuff and had a great day on the water.

Auke bay, this is about a 5 minute walk from our dorm room.

Me goofing around in the visitor's center @ the Mendenhal Glacier

The magnificent Mendenhal Glacier. This beauty lost 250ft. last year alone. It lost over a mile in length and nearly 2/3 of its mass in the last 20 years.

This is my bro Jeff Ambrosier, or Rambosia as we like to call him. He's from Dillingham, and in his spare time guides bear hunts.

UAS campus.

In 1970 I would be at the base of the glacier if I was in this same spot and you wouldn't be able to see the mountains behind it because it would be nearly twice as tall.
Oh well, what do we need these glaciers for anyway? I'll need some real proof before I believe that global warming is a real problem that I have to worry about. For anyone that can't tell, I'm being extremely sarcastic. Love you all, see you soon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chena Lake with the Guymons

This may well be the last post for a little while. I'll be in Juneau until July 18th for school. Stay cool this summer!

Lisa is excited but Milo is annoyed with his new doggy life-vest. Incidentally, Milo can swim he's just looking to make a fashion statement.

Ainsley and I, enjoying a day on the lake. Word of caution, do not let toddlers into canoes - we stayed incident-free but you may not be as fortunate.

Show us your teeth! Ainsley's latest kid-trick.

The kids hanging out waiting to go to the lake.

These two are a riot. They kiss and hug one second then bite and hit the next.

The tooth twins at the "beach".

The traditional native Alaskan typically goes to the beach looking like they just jumped off the cover of a southern romance novel. "It's all about protection against the sun's sinister rays" commented an area local. The vicious life-sucking mosquitoes that frequent the area do seem to cause erratic, unexplainable behavior. P.S. it's 85 degrees, Bears are also afraid of large hats and leather boots so she'll be well protected against any grizzly that might attack. What's more, this lovely ensemble doubles as evening-wear to let loose at the pub with friends later on. 2 birds, 1!

Elvis and the campsite.

Again with the pictures of Lisa with the dog.

The girls stretching out and having a snack in Denali.