Saturday, May 30, 2009

Random post revisited.

The girls

More girls. (Alyvia's first dance recital)

Milo's new hairdoo.

Alyvia "the tooth" Davis (missing her first tooth).

The Hannah Montana show.

Happy to eat chili.

It's rainy, but in a good way.

How much for a tooth these days?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ainsley loves the spring too!

Ainsley hates to be inside since discovering the sunny outdoors. She screams bloody murder when it's time to come in, but as you can see she has a great time running around and exploring outside.

Spring is here!

Here we are kids, the Wasilla Park is open for fun. Hey, I'll race you to the wooden plane. No, I want it. Please, girls you'll just have to share, the Totem pole is taken.

Teepee for two wild little indians.

Great now I have to watch her all the time. Kids shouldn't learn how to climb stairs.

Ainsley's first library experience. Surreal.

Summer is the season for soil-ing your diaper, reaching in to feel it, and wiping it on your Dad. Hooray!

Alyvia is wearing the latest Alaskan Spring fashion - Carol Brady hairdo, a silk Chinese dinner dress with a Disney apron and a pink life jacket. It's Palin approved outerwear for 09.

Ainsley feels confident now that when she leaps face first into the pool she won't drown.

70 degrees baby!

Sweet Strawberry pie, now that's down home cookin'

A dress made with a Grandmother's Easter love. Aaww.
Lisa was going to write something for this blog but now she can't be bothered - solitare. I just wanna say that the Alaskan springtime is the greatest and we're all really swell now that the snow is melted. Ciao Ciao