Monday, July 28, 2008

The Vigorous Debate on Oil

Well, obviously there are many ways to look at the 'oil problem'. Mostly, I choose to ignore it until I gas up, I bitch and moan about the price, I complain about all the profit the oil companies are making at my expense, then I fill up my tank. Honestly, what am I supposed to do, walk everywhere? Take a bus or train? I live in Alaska not New York. There are no trains or buses or metro stations - hell, you're lucky to find a taxi! I could write a letter to my congressman who wants to drill the oil here in Alaska and elsewhere because he's beholden to people who make money on the oil companies' profit. I could buy a Hybrid vehicle, I suppose, but that only saves me a little money, it doesn't really solve the 'oil problem'. Hello, drilling more oil doesn't get us off of oil, it just makes it temporarily cheaper. Building and buying vehicles that run on any amount of oil is just a temporary patch. What are we going to do when we run out? Energy needs to come in many forms to sustain our needs as humans - look at China and India's future needs - it's not just about us. As citizens we need to become active in a move towards alternative energy sources and their viability as consumer products for Americans and for the hope of an Eco-friendly World.
Comments please, I want to know how you'all feel about this.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A New 'Alaskan' Lifestyle!

Oh geez, Alaska is so beautiful! We've seen lots of bears, moose, salmon, squirrels and etc. Here are some bears we saw at the Russian River Falls last week while swimming.

And don't forget all the nice people with no teeth or fashion sense (what is he thinking wearing black socks with white sneakers?)

The drivers are, if you can imagine, worse than Utahan's but that's because they're driving four-wheelers on the highway! Bumper stickers here read: My other car is a team of huskies

Well, thanks for your time I'm sure you'll agree it's been real neat.
Cheers, The Davis'

virgin post

This is our very first blog. We are blogging from a trailer in Alaska. We're waiting for our house to close so we can finally move in. We've been homeless now for 5 months and it sucks, you should give homeless people your money. Welcome to Davis Rockstars blogspot we hope you enjoy the show, there will be more rock to behold upcoming. p.s. Alyvia wrote this. jk Love you all.