Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lisa Sue Davis' 33rd celebration of life!

Ahh it seems only yesterday I was at the Bull and Bear flirting with this beautiful girl wondering how I was going to see her again since neither one of us had a phone. Now, that girl is my wife and we have two lovely monsters, a loving home and a wonderful life together. I am so fortunate to have been in that bar, drunk and singing karaoke to Vanilla Ice on that fateful night, what are the odds, really? Slim to none, but somehow my inebriated charm worked and here we are in Alaska! Wow! She does so much for us everyday, we are so lucky to have her. Here are some pics of our amazing mother and wife. Happy Birthday!

January '09, I was at home sick and alone with the girls, Lisa was in Maui soaking up the sun.

February '09 Alyvia's bday at bouncing bears, you can tell what kind of time we were having.

March '09 snowboarding @ Alyeska.

March '09 another baking triumph!

April '09 Alyvia's first dance recital, mom was glowing.

May '09 On Crooked Lake, enjoying some R&R.

June '09 Trip to Fairbanks.

July '09 the Matsu Glacier

August '09 In Homer for our anniversary.

September '09 new haricut

October '09 stirring the witches brew

December '09 Ainsley's Bday.

December '09 Xmas morning

Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Hoopla!

Here are some pics from our holiday!

You can't see it but Milo is sporting his new hoodie that reads "Bah Humbug"!

Alyvia, with her trademark pose, a little too excited about the gum in her stocking.

Ainsley and Grandma's butt.

Ainsley and Aunt Shari's book.

Sisters, temporarily being nice to each other.

A great view of Crooked Lake at my friend's cabin.

Cute but messy.

Cute but weird.

Curly hair for church

Erika, is that you!?

Alyvia receiving one of many awards from her teacher.

stoked to blow out candles.

Grandma and the girls before church.

a culinary masterpiece to appease Ainsley's Elmo infatuation.

This is a little longer than I thought, but there's a priceless bit with Milo and his new winter slippers. The rest is just xmas mayhem and a couple of shots of Grandma's garments.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ainsley's Bday pics!

We just had a small, no-frills party for Ainsley at home. She is getting so big, definitely 2 going on 12. Mom made cupcakes and we went swimming at the gym. On her second birthday we witnessed a miracle when Ainsley made her first potty on the toitee, hooray! We bought her an Elmo potty, she used it that very night! How's that for motivation?

Mommy and Ainsley singing happy birthday.

The girls blowing out one of many candles.

AAhhhlaska! So freakin' beautiful here, and it never gets old because it's never the same twice.

Frosty trees from the fog that just moved through. Now it's sunny and -5 degrees.

This is as far up as it gets this time of year. Taken at 12:30pm.

Soo excited to blow out candles.

Birthday kisses.

Daddy you try!

Again! Again! Again! Again! Peezz, peezzy! Again! etc...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ainsley is 2!

My baby is 2! Ainsley is such a fun little girl. She loves to follow around her big sister Alyvia and do whatever the big kids are doing. She loves helping Mom and does the dishes daily. She loves anything to do with Elmo, and "Abby Dabby". She watches Madagascar whenever she has the chance. She loves to go swimmin' at the "gym's". She loves her cousins and talks about them constantly. She is such a loving, spunky, fun little girl. We love you Ainsley!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

This post was realized through the use of brute force, and I liked it!

Here is a bunch of random stuff for you to peruse!

Alyvia-Rose posing.

Ainsley watching "you wanta move it, move it". Madagascar, to those of you with out kids.

Alyvia, Ainsley, and cousin Addison in new dresses.

Gawd, shoe's so adorable. I wonder where she gets it?

Mawm, cheez, peez.

First good snow. Thanksgiving day.

Alyvia-rose with kindergarten teacher Mrs. Blake.

Alyvia and Ainsley, Thanksgiving at school!

Addelaide's Birthday at the Nelson's.

Thanksgiving dinner at Nelson's.