Sunday, September 6, 2009

Moose 'n' Zucchini

We haven't seen our moose family all summer. This week we have seen a mommy and her two babies a few times. They came right up to my garden and ate my radish plant tops, they left my zucchini alone. I planted 6 zucchini plants and thank goodness there were only 3 that matured. I checked my zucchini regularly and received a few small squash but all of the sudden there were these huge green zucchini's. I made zucchini bread 2 times and have cooked a few, but lately I've been thinking about door bell ditching my neighbor's with zucchini's on the porch to greet them.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Alyvia's first day!

Alyvia is so excited to be going to school finally! We know she is ready. We asked Lyv what she was most excited for, she said, "recess". We asked what she was most nervous about and she said, "homework". I am surprised to find out that, yes, kindergartner's do have homework. She rides to school with Dad in the morning and is in charge of getting herself ready. So far she has only had to go to school once with her p.j.'s on! She came home the other day whining about wanting hot lunch. "Are you serious?" I asked her why she wanted hot lunch and she said if you have hot lunch you get pizza ever day, yeah right. We decided she could have hot lunch once a week. Why would you want hot lunch if you had a Mom like me making your cold lunch?

I am going to volunteer once a week in Lyvi's class. I also help with an after school club called the Virtue's club. I am lucky to have Adrienne close by to watch Ainsley.

I actually felt cool and confident about Lyvi going to school until Jefferson and I started reminiscing and looking at pictures of her growing up the night before school started, I couldn't stop bawling. I actually thought I was going to be sick the morning school started because I was so nervous for her. Ainsley and I miss her a lot but she's having lots of fun.

The Alaska State Fair

I love me some fair! The Alaska State Fair is great fun, we just sit on the benches and watch the people go by. We went with The Nelson's to the fair on a sunny Monday evening. It actually wasn't too crowded. I've been thinking about fair food since last year. I love the smell of fried food. The Alaska State fair has particularly great food. We started out with some coconut crab cakes, beer battered halibut, peanut fries (we think they are called that because of the shape), fried cheese curds, and a pork chop on a stick. I really wanted to try the cheesecake in a cone but I didn't have any room.
Alyvia loves to get her face painted, she calls it her fair face. She even permanently painted her dolls face in a "fair face" after last year's fair. This year she wanted a unicorn and that is what she got! Notice the man's face in the background.

Ainsley insisting on pushing the stroller through the crowd. Mom, does that remind you of anyone at the same age pushing a stroller in the mall.

Fair faces and the musical express.

Alyvia hopped up on sugar after the fair.

Emma taking it easy.