Thursday, January 22, 2009


Briggsy and I playing in the waves

Oh how I love Hawaiian flowers

Sunset from the balcony



Sweet babies Elysee and Dean

Snorkeling in Napili

Dad's birthday at Hula Grill

Shave ice not shaved ice

Pool side

Condo view
Oh Hawaii, my favorite place to be. I had such a great time with my family last week in Maui! It was so awesome to meet my twin nephew and niece and to catch up with everyone. I got to do everything that was on my list: eat fish taco's at Hula Grill, sushi, coconut shave ice, smell a tuberose, visit my friend Dave, eat Macadamia nut pancakes at Gazebo, luau and laying out with Maui Babe until I can't stand another moment of sun. I feel so lucky to have had Jefferson and grandma Jan babysit the kids so that I could have Lisa time. Thank you Mom and Jefferson!! I don't remember the last time I had a week to myself. I think everyone should take a personal vacation, I feel so rested, at peace and genuinely happy! Thanks to my Briggs family for all the memories and fun times!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

A veritable litany of news and goings on...

With Lisa gone sunbathing in Maui, I've been able to catch up on some projects. It helps that the weather here has warmed nearly 70 degrees in the last week too, I actually felt like walking out the door. For the first time since Thanksgiving it's above zero, it's now 45, two weeks ago it was -30. But enough about the weather.

First, the bathroom used to be a neon, pea-green that usually invoked vomiting, so we changed it to a cool monochromatic blue so that we could all keep our food down.

Ainsley's newest favorite... Oreos.

My new least favorite thing, Ainsley's Oreos.

I finally broke down and got a haircut after the secretary at my school made a poignant, yet decidedly necessary, comment about the wily girth of my hairdo.

After watching too much of the Green channel I felt compelled to build a compost bin, so I scraped together a bunch of wood I had lying around the house and built a 3x3x3 ramshackle old bin for free! Thanks DIY network!

As for the final bit of news this week, I have just been accepted into the (get ready it's a mouthful) Masters of Education and Leadership Program at the University of Alaska Southeast, in Juneau. The program involves 2 summers in Juneau for coursework and a year in my district for an internship. I will be done in August of 2010 and after that I'll start combing Alaska for Principal positions. I bet none of you ever thought that I would be a principal, go on admit it. That's OK, I find great pleasure in doing things that no one expects. Here are a couple pics of the campus in Juneau.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Grandma got ran over by a moose-deer!

Friday morning on the way to work a moose ran across a busy 'highway', narrowly missing Grandma's head as it barreled into the tin-can-on-wheels she calls a car. Grandma maintains that the moose hit her, but we all know better. Here are a few shots of the aftermath. I wish I had a shot of the moose because the local officials told Grandma it was one of the biggest they'd seen in a while. The animal in question was shot on sight and Grandma was towed home. Luckily she's still alive, I kid you not, the head of this thing was inches away from where she was sitting.