Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Lyvi the Carebear and her best bud Colton

Jefferson and his babes

The girls

Me and my little devil

Ainsley the frog
Alaska is odd for many reasons, one of which is Halloween or lack there of. At Jefferson's school they don't dress up or have a parade because 40% of parents don't like this pagan holiday. Lame!! At least Jefferson doesn't have to find a last minute costume. Last night our neighbor's told us about a big Halloween celebration at the local sports complex. Why Wednesday night before Halloween? Why not on Halloween???? I'm not sure of reasons but I was happy to get to do some Halloween celebrating, since I will be working on Halloween. Which makes me wonder who goes out to eat somewhere nice on Halloween? I guess on Halloween it will be 10 degrees and kids drive from house to house in heated vehicles. I think Alaska should officially change Halloween to "dress up day with candy" and celebrate it the first week of school, in August!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Little vacation

The Alaska cousins

The North Pole
Last week Ainsley, Lyvi and I went on a little adventure. We drove 6 hours through a winter wonderland to Erika's house in Fairbanks. The drive was so beautiful, the trees all looked like they were flocked, the mountains seemed to be covered with marshmallows and there were chunks of ice floating down the rivers. It's really interesting to drive and not see another vehicle for long amounts of time. We had such a great time at the Guymon's! They treated us so well. Erika's house is as cute as you can imagine!! Fairbanks is soooo cold, I actually felt warm back in Wasilla. The North Pole is so unique, you drive in to see lighted trees and huge candy canes lining the main street, even the fire hydrants are striped like candy canes. A few highlights were: good Chinese food at a local restaurant, Erika's cooking, hot springs, Santa's house, crafts, and just relaxing! It was fun for Lyv to play with her cousins and Ainsley to get full attention. I enjoyed laughing, cooking and reminiscing with Erika. Hopefully we can visit again soon, next time with Jefferson. I would like to give a shout out to my mother-in-law, Jan for letting me use her vehicle for a week and to Jefferson for watching Milo, being bored and eating crappy food all alone.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

This one goes out to all my peeps

Milo's new jacket.

Ainsley, excited to be out of the tub

Alyvia learns the international language of 'rock'

Rainy day.

Awe, shoot Lisa Sue, where's mu 12 guage shells?

Fer goodnisakes, let's go buy us a shiny new Sarah Palin sticker!

Lisa, the baby's in the sink again!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wall street vs. Main street and other catchy CNN references

Sorry to take a light-hearted blog and turn it into a political rant but...I just have to say that I am disgusted with the government for even considering buying all the bad loans from these banks. They made horribly risky investments because they could, due to a supreme lack of regulation. Now we have to buy all their crappy loans and instead of beefing up regulations to prevent this in the future we are going to give them more tax breaks and do nothing about the CEO caps? I think that we'll be doing all of this again in 10 years. I think we need to do nothing and force these banks to rework their business practices or die trying. De facto, replacements will have to do better. I realize that now their mess is ours but I still want these banks to pay instead of me. I also think that whatever bill passes it needs to have some sort of punishment for the greedy bastards who facilitated this collapse. I can't even get a credit card now! Maybe we should stop relying on other people's money to run our country.

Hodge Podge & Milo: now without certain critical reproductive organs.

Hellooww. Me and the Pain

I couldn't agree more.

Alyvia has a way of making otherwise silly outfits look good. For a four year old she has an uncanny sense of flirtatious posing.

The girls in the backyard.

Poor Milo got neutered today, he desperately wants to lick himself but isn't allowed, hence the head-cone. He's also still on a bunch of drugs for the pain and he's not quite himself. Maybe now he'll stop humping Lisa's leg!

Ainsley's taking advantage of Milo's surgical hangover, poor guy.

This is our back yard. Really.

Enjoying the last days of fall, it's supposed to snow this weekend. We'll see.

Don't worry Sue it's not open, yet.

This is the view from my schoolroom window. I feel like I already did this, sorry if I repeat. It's just such a great view.