Saturday, July 26, 2008

A New 'Alaskan' Lifestyle!

Oh geez, Alaska is so beautiful! We've seen lots of bears, moose, salmon, squirrels and etc. Here are some bears we saw at the Russian River Falls last week while swimming.

And don't forget all the nice people with no teeth or fashion sense (what is he thinking wearing black socks with white sneakers?)

The drivers are, if you can imagine, worse than Utahan's but that's because they're driving four-wheelers on the highway! Bumper stickers here read: My other car is a team of huskies

Well, thanks for your time I'm sure you'll agree it's been real neat.
Cheers, The Davis'


Anonymous said...

Hi, Mom & Dad & Ainsley, . . . and Milo,
This is Alyvia. I'm eating cinnamon toast and getting ready to leave Emi & Yao's for Washington and then Alaska. I can't wait to see you.
Tell Davis and Adelaide that I love them and want to play when I get there.
See you in 10 days (Wed. Aug. 6th sometime Grandma says).
Love, Alyvia

Davis Rockstars said...

Ok, we'll see you soon. Love you guys drive safe.