Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ainsley Crawls! Batten down the hatches.

This is Ainsley's first real crawl. There have been a few times when she did a quasi-crawl, but this is the first authentic crawl. You saw it here first folks. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

hey guys its ana and joanie... ainsley is so cute i love your house hope to see you soon love ya!!!

The Guymons Gossip said...

I can't WAIT for you guys to come!! Like I tell you every week, she is so stinkin' cute!!! Hunter and I LOVED her big happy eyes!
See you soon!!!!!

Kelli said...

We LOVE this!!!! Ella is sitting on my lap right now saying "more, more". Needless to say we've watched the video about 10 times. Yea Ainsley!

briggsbunch said...

Oh I miss you guys so much! I just want to hug those girls to death! Tell them aunt Marci misses them and I will talk to you soon!