Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Holidays! and a Happy New Year!

Ainsley and Emma, who are just disgusted with the state of affairs our country is in.
A:What retirement, I'll probably die first?! E: Chya, I know.

Oh, the sun must be out.

It's high noon in Alaska! Literally. high. noon. In Alaska. At my house. If you look closely you'll see the silhouette of a small doe scampering through the bushes.

Alyvia's first church performance, she was an angel... for once. Just kidding. Not really. Kidding. Not.

Adelaide's an angel too.

Adrienne and Emma the hut @ Anisley's birthday.

1 year babe.... totally.

Hey Mom, what does this have, crisco, sugar, flour - never mind, HaRaughchmnt.

Alyvia makes our neighbor's kid play dress up and tea with her. Poor guy.
Here he is in a pink boa. Actually, it's mine.

SPAGHETTI NIGHT!!!! Awe shoot, where's the wetvac hun?

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