Thursday, April 2, 2009

Random post because it's been a while.

Well, let's see. Matt and I drove the infamous Alaska Highway, it was not as beautiful as it was last summer but we had a pretty good time. The Audi does great on snow and ice luckily. We didn't encounter any major storms, the coldest it got was -35 in Calgary and Edmonton. Erika and Mike and Co. stopped in for a few days and we all had a blast. Matt is up in Fairbanks now trying to find a job.
Lisa and I got a gym membership for the family and Lisa is very excited to be working out every morning at 6am. I'm just sore.

Here's Alyvia with her new HM guitar pillow rockin' out.

Ainsley is a monster now that she can walk around, just as I'd predicted. Here she is stuck in a chair.

She loves shoes and being naked. We're so proud.

The Nelson's got a new puppy and kitty, the kids love them, they're so cute. And, NO, we're not running a cancer youth center those are our children and they're perfectly healthy.

Matt was a hit with all of the kids, Alyvia wouldn't leave him alone for a second.

Here is our new pet moose who we've named Gayle. Her kids, Natasha and Bullwinkle are still eating from our compost bin.

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Kelli said...

I'm so glad you did a post, because I have really been missing you guys!!! Lisa, you look AMAZING! Jefferson, I just got a gym membership and I am also sore. :) Love ya!