Friday, February 5, 2010

Birthday Fever! A star is born

A loving father's shameless bday plug...don't forget it's Alyvia-Rose's 6th birthday February 10th! Here are some pics of recent events. Do enjoy.

Milo gets snippy

Ainsley says, "I see, show me!"

If I promise to show her, she'll promise to smile first so I can take a picture for her to see.

Who does this remind you of? She acts like her too!

Who does this remind you of? She acts like him too! Maybe we'll have a third to break the tie!

Oh, you know what this look means, it means, "give me whatever I want or I'll scream."

OMG! Who does your hair? He must have like a thousand clients. Is he expensive?

Milo may not be very big, but his balls are.

A birthday pose gone awry.

Holy crap! A candle! Whhhuuaaa, two of them!

Cereal on the floor. It's an AK thing.

Oh you know, just like in AK everyone wears polka dots, pink and red plaid, and princess flats in 6 degree weather.

Rose's first school play, she's winding down from a tough rehearsal with her playmates.

Is there anything you can't find at Costc0?

Luckily mom did her hair for the big day. She's so pretty.
Ainsley is very interested in the moose. Milo, however can't be convinced to stop trying to drive the moose away so we just encourage him to work out his inferiority complex.

The first video cuts out abruptly because Ainsley suddenly decided that if sister could be on stage she could too. I felt like Steve Martin in Parenthood, but I'm sure everyone else thought it was cute.

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Our Northern Exposure said...

I love all the picts! Thanks for sharing! We hope to visit soon. Happy B-day this next week Lyvi and Jeff!