Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whatever, it's spring.

Well, my body says it's springtime but the weather disagrees. Such is life I suppose. We've been having a grand ole time going crazy indoors. We force ourselves to get out, whenever the sun shows its face, even though it's only 40 degrees. Here are a few digital delights to catch you up to speed.
The moose are out and about, humping and eating everything in sight.

This one wanted to eat our barbecue!

Over my so-called "spring break", we put in new floors in the bedroom, and painted anything that wasn't nailed down.

We got a new puppy, officially named Chairman Mao, but we call him Moosie.

The girls and I made a birdhouse.

Alyvia's front tooth is literally hanging by a thread in her mouth.

Ainsley, who is growing up way too fast, mastered the patented Davis picture pose.

She is also nearly housebroke. Every time we put her in panties after making a doo doo in the toilet, she immediately pees on the floor. Between her and the puppy, Lisa is about to have an anurism over all of the "fecal bacteria in this house!"

It's spring and that means, dying, hiding and eating boiled eggs!

Recently, Moose clawed Milo's nose and it got infected, so he's on antibiotics and pain killers with a swollen nose. Moose is keenly taking advantage of his Achilles heel.

He really exudes bravery and resolve, with just a hint of serial killer for excitement.

es el endo of a la blog. ciao ya later

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