Sunday, August 8, 2010

A deep sigh of relief and the fond memories of a controlled chaos that was this summer.

We finally made it home on Friday morning about 6 am. We were held up in Beautiful British Columbia because one of more than 30 BC wildfires was blocking the only road home. Canada experienced over 600 fires this summer! Wow, that's a lot! Anyways, we had a great time visiting friends and family, dining out in restaurants that don't double as hair salons, and burning in the heat of SLC and Chicago. The summer was full of love and fires, odd bed-mates I agree, but a nice analogy for the cyclical nature of life and relationships. At any rate, we had many incredible and unforgettable experiences with many wonderful people the last 3 months. We hope to see you in AK soon cause we won't be back for a while, unless there is a marriage or death in the family. Pics will follow.

Lisa's Family

Lisa and Gramma Jan

Lisa and Uncle Graham, AKA Billy Goat

The girls in Oregon, where they filmed GOONIES!

The little princess' Alyvia and Ainsley at Aunt Jeri's in Enumclaw

Lisa and Ainsley, before the fall.

Girls at fireworks in Taylorsville, UT.

Tad's wedding

Tad's Wedding in LaCrosse, WI.

Girls at Gateway

Girls with Katya and Genia

Family pictures! Hooray!

Lisa and I, boating on Deer Creek Res.

The girls, loving the boating thing.

Me, loving the wakeboarding thing.

Jake and Katie's Wedding ceremony in Old St. Pat's in Chicago.

Me and the bridesmaid.

Tad and I at Jake's reception.

Rose, missing some teeth, I think she lost 5 over the summer.

Lisa, Ainsley, and Jack at the Red Iguana.

A lightning fire on the hillside in Heber, near Bob and Sue's house.

Ainsley, watering the plants at Jess and Kat's house.

Ainsley on a ride at Liberty Park.

A wildfire in BC.

On a canoe waiting for the fire to go away, at Dease Lake, BC.

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