Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Lyvi the Carebear and her best bud Colton

Jefferson and his babes

The girls

Me and my little devil

Ainsley the frog
Alaska is odd for many reasons, one of which is Halloween or lack there of. At Jefferson's school they don't dress up or have a parade because 40% of parents don't like this pagan holiday. Lame!! At least Jefferson doesn't have to find a last minute costume. Last night our neighbor's told us about a big Halloween celebration at the local sports complex. Why Wednesday night before Halloween? Why not on Halloween???? I'm not sure of reasons but I was happy to get to do some Halloween celebrating, since I will be working on Halloween. Which makes me wonder who goes out to eat somewhere nice on Halloween? I guess on Halloween it will be 10 degrees and kids drive from house to house in heated vehicles. I think Alaska should officially change Halloween to "dress up day with candy" and celebrate it the first week of school, in August!!!


Kelli said...

I agree Lisa! Erika and I were talking about how sad it is for some kids to never experience Halloween. Ella already loves all of the decorations and when she sees pumpkins she says "Ween" (Halloween). We LOVE it!

briggsbunch said...

Oh we miss you guys so much! It sounds like you had so much fun with Erika! Love you guys!

Amy said...

Their costumes are so cute! Can't believe how big your girls are getting. How do you like Alaska?

Ry, Kels, and Keegan said...

your little girls are soo cute!!! This is sky's little sister! I hope you guys are having a good time in alaska!

Amber said...

Hey Lisa... your girls look so cute in their costumes! I wondered how close you and Erika are to each other... that is fun you can visit. It is so much fun to see what goes on with you Jefferson and your girls. Thanks for commenting on my blog... I loved hearing from you.

Vicki said...

Your girls are darling! I love the picture of them under your heading - so cute!