Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ainsley's Bday pics!

We just had a small, no-frills party for Ainsley at home. She is getting so big, definitely 2 going on 12. Mom made cupcakes and we went swimming at the gym. On her second birthday we witnessed a miracle when Ainsley made her first potty on the toitee, hooray! We bought her an Elmo potty, she used it that very night! How's that for motivation?

Mommy and Ainsley singing happy birthday.

The girls blowing out one of many candles.

AAhhhlaska! So freakin' beautiful here, and it never gets old because it's never the same twice.

Frosty trees from the fog that just moved through. Now it's sunny and -5 degrees.

This is as far up as it gets this time of year. Taken at 12:30pm.

Soo excited to blow out candles.

Birthday kisses.

Daddy you try!

Again! Again! Again! Again! Peezz, peezzy! Again! etc...

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