Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Hoopla!

Here are some pics from our holiday!

You can't see it but Milo is sporting his new hoodie that reads "Bah Humbug"!

Alyvia, with her trademark pose, a little too excited about the gum in her stocking.

Ainsley and Grandma's butt.

Ainsley and Aunt Shari's book.

Sisters, temporarily being nice to each other.

A great view of Crooked Lake at my friend's cabin.

Cute but messy.

Cute but weird.

Curly hair for church

Erika, is that you!?

Alyvia receiving one of many awards from her teacher.

stoked to blow out candles.

Grandma and the girls before church.

a culinary masterpiece to appease Ainsley's Elmo infatuation.

This is a little longer than I thought, but there's a priceless bit with Milo and his new winter slippers. The rest is just xmas mayhem and a couple of shots of Grandma's garments.

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