Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Alyvia Treks the Continent

Alyvia's favorite part of the trip from Utah to Alaska was going on the ferry. Apparently there was a movie theatre and playground and she said it was amazing fun. Grandma Jan and Alyvia spent a week in Seattle, WA. and took the ferry from Bellingham to Skagway and then drove the rest of the way to Wasilla.

here is Alyvia on the ferry with Sara her bear.

With Grandma at the pool in Brigham City.

At the Rodeo with Emilie and Yao.

In Enumclaw, Wa. with Grandma, Aunt Jaimie, Jeri and Great Grandpa Welsh.

On the road again.

Finally, in Ak.

Grandma insisted that I put this pic of Ainsley up, even though it's Alyvia's post. It was so cute I appeased her.
FYI, still not in our house even though I told you all we were going to be moving in last week. I started school this week and I'm stoked because I have a great job at a great school.

Lisa got a weekend job at a cute little restaurant called the Alpine Garden Grille.

That's it for now, Cya later.
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Traci & Skylar said...

love the new pics! keep 'em coming! We love you guys! Just so ya know, the other day i started crying cause i miss you so much! Maybe it's the hormones, maybe not, but we sure do miss ya! Hope things are going well!

Kelli said...

I love the pictures! I'm glad that Alyvia made it up there safe and that she had a fun journey. Love you!