Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer is almost over! and other examples of pointing out the obvious

It's been a real treat living in a camper trailer in Adrienne's yard these last few weeks. I don't know what we did for fun before but it was more fun than this. As you can see even Lisa hasn't lost her sense of humor about the situation. Lisa and I made an offer on a lovely broken down old modular here in Alaska over 2 months ago thinking that we would be living in it by now. Alas, we are still joyfully displaced, hey, now I know how all of those folks in Africa must feel!
The weather here is sort of nice, I guess, if you like crappy weather. We have been able to catch up on all of the books and homework and napping we've been missing out on. Lisa has been trying to drop the baby weight by eating chocolates, drinking beers and walking up and down the driveway. It's really been a pleasure to watch the pounds just melt away! Eat your heart out Angelina!
Ainsley, who is so precious to us, screams like someone is choking her for comfort - or when she's hungry, thirsty, messy or tired. Oh, and our sweet Milo, when he shat on our bedding out of fear of being devoured by the howling wolves just outside the door I couldn't help but chuckle.
Alyvia is on her way here with Grandma Jan, they're on a ferry watching whales and glaciers calve. I'm sure it must be grand. We expect to see them as early as August 6th. Erika and the gang of thieves she calls her children will be following closely behind - arriving no later than the perfectly acceptable hour of midnight, August 7th.
Lisa and I will be celebrating our beloved 3rd wedding anniversary on August 8th. Wait, how could that be when our eldest daughter, Alyvia, is nearly 5 years old ... that must mean ... yes, it's true ... she's a bastard. I blame television for, well, everything. Anywho, it's just another swell day here in the AK, where the sun only shines while you're in the shower.
The Fearless Alaskan Gypsies

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