Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ainsley Walks! An account of mixed feelings.

You always want your kids to do well in life but walking is really one of those 'baby steps' that end up being more of a problem than anything else. With walking comes freedom of movement (I know that sounds like a positive thing but anyone with kids will tell you it's not). With walking comes falling. With walking comes walking away. Kinda like talking brings NO! and WHY? Add that to the fact that it means your baby ain't a baby anymore and they will eventually grow old and hate you for raising them. At the end of the day what you've really got is the beginning of the end. Yes, it is a cynical view, but I've always thought of pessimism and reality as being synonomous. Anyways, the 'baby step' that truly is positive (without unforseen consequences) is using the toilet and not missing or forgetting that you learned. These last two caveats are the most important, so don't celebrate too soon or you'll feel stupid for throwing away all of your pull-ups in a frenzy of premature parental extolment. Soon I hope to be posting, Ainsley goes peepee in the toitee! Hooray!


Kelli said...

Yea, way to go Ainsley! Good luck Lisa and Jefferson. haha

Marleen said...

Way to go Ainsley. Such a cutie! I felt the same way with both my girls.