Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cutting the midnight shag!

So, all was well here on a Thursday night. The girls were in bed, or so we imagined, and Lisa and I settled down to watch the tele before bed. For brevity, I'll skip the business in between going to bed and waking up the next morning. 8 a.m. rolls around and I go to retrieve our children from their beds. When I notice something strange stuck to my feet. It just so happens that what is sticking to my bare feet is a very large pile of human hair.
I look at my daughter Ainsley and notice that, compared to my memory of what her hair looked like 12 hours ago, she's bald! I turn to my daughter Alyvia and notice her bangs are, shall I say, deshevelled. As my eyes scan the room I spy a wadded up towel on the floor near her bed and pick it up. Long locks of blonde hair drizzle out and, with a thud, a pair of scissors hit the floor.
At this point I'm kinda speechless. I know what happened I just can't believe it! At first, Lisa and I thought it was sorta funny, Ainsley had a mullet and Alyvia just looks like she's been in a fight and had her hair pulled out. Then I start to think about Alyvia cutting sister's hair in the middle of the night, in the dark, with sharp scissors and then turning them on herself. I think of her trying to hide it all in the towel but giving up and falling to sleep before she could finish. At this point we both start to get angry. When my idea of shaving Ainsley's head for the sake of balance and Alyvia's head for punishment fails to garner any support amongst the family I decide to let Grandma take over. She does her best to make their hair at least even. What I know from many a childhood experience, that no one else knows, is that Grandma is notorious for turning even the most basic 'trim' into a Sinead O'Connor look alike contest. So, I kinda got my way without being the bad guy. The following pictures are the aftermath of this most heinous event. Enjoy!

Alyvia has since resigned to wear a hat and stay away from scissors. We told her that Traci had to go to school to be a hair stylist and that maybe she should just wait until she's older to experiment with her sister's hair. I got a haircut also just to commemorate the occasion but I opted to make an appointment with a licensed stylist rather than keep it in the family.

After. Good choice, no?
Here's a shot of the day's weather up in Wasilly, it has been snowing all day, I'd say we have about a foot of new snow. Lisa and I are headed up to Alyeska in the morning to see if we can carve up some fresh powpow.


The Guymons Gossip said...

HOLY SMOOOOOKES! I can NOT believe they did that! Ha! I think every kid does this at least once or twice! I can't stop laughing. Well...weren't we just talking about how to fix a baby mullet? Maybe Lyvi could hear us talking and decided to take it upon herself to fix it! Can't wait to see it in person.

Kelli said...

Oh my gosh!!! Can you imagine the trouble they are going to get in when they're older if Lyvi is already doing this?!? The whole time I was reading, my mouth was wide open in an "oh my gosh" face. Then when I got to the pictures my eyes almost popped out of my head. Although I do think your hair looks awesome Jefferson. Hubba hubba!